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Deck Belt for 54" Outlaw, Outlaw Extreme or Outlaw XP -Bad Boy Mowers Part # 041-1650-00 60" High Lift Fusion Blade for ZT Elite, CZT, Pup or Lightning Deck Wheel for Bad Boy Outlaw
Bad Boy Part # 041-1650-00
Deck Belt for 60 Pup or Lightning
Also Fits 54 Outlaw, Outlaw Extreme or Outlaw XP

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Set of 3 high lift fusion blades for the 60" deck. These blades will fit any Bad Boy with a 60" deck.

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This deck wheel and bolt fits every deck Bad Boy makes.

: This does NOT include the nut. This will only ship with a Deck Wheel and a Bolt. If you need to purchase the Nut (Part # 013-8050-00), then click here.

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