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Advanced Chute System

Bad Boy Advanced Chute Systems (ACS) is a wonderful alternative to the Bad Boy Mower mulching kits. The ACS closes off the discharge chute of the deck much like the mulching kit. Unlike a mulching kit, the ACS can easily be opened while operating the mower. This is a great accessory for commercial users who need to control debris from causing damage to their surroundings.

When paired with a set of Gator zero-turn mower deck blades, the Advanced Chute System can act like a mulching kit and keep clippings to a minimum.
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Advanced Chute System 6000UBS - Bad Boy Part# 088-6005-00 MZ 42", 48" and 54" Magnum Advanced Chute System - Bad Boy Mowers Part # 088-4842-00 Advance Chute System - Bad Boy Part # 088-6000-00

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Fits MZ 42, 48 and 54" Magnum models Bad Boy Part # 088-4842-00 or 088484200.

Advanced Chute System model ACS6000B.

This model fits MOST Bad Boy's with a 54", 60", 61", or 72" deck. Check the mower compatibility tab for more information.

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Advance Chute System fits 48", 50" or 52" ZT Elite, CZT, Pup and Lightning Models - Bad Boy Mowers Part # 088-6006-00 54" Outlaw Advanced Chute System Round Handle Advance Chute System - Bad Boy Part# 088-5050-00
Fits the ZT, CZT, Maverick, Pup, Lightning, and Compact Outlaw mowers that have a 48" Deck.


Bad Boy Part #088-6006-00 or 088600600.
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This Bad Boy chute system only fits a 54" Outlaw, Outlaw Extreme or Outlaw XP model Bad Boy Part #088-6007-00 or 088600700.

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Round handle for the advance chute systems.
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