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Bad Boy lawn mower switches operate various functions of the mower. From Bad Boy ignition switches to power take-off switches, you can find whatever switch you need here! These switches come straight from the factory floor and will fit every Bad Boy Mower that has ever been produced! The guarantee of a perfect fit makes the installation of these lawn tractor switches easier and ultimately leads to more time in the field and less time in the shop!

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CAT Water Temperature Switch - Bad Boy Part # 086-4000-00 Switch for Headlight Kit - Bad Boy Part # 086-0010-00 Thermostat for Diesel Bad Boy Part# 015-0070-00
CAT Water Temperature Switch.  Bad Boy Part # 086-4000-00 or 086400000 Switch for Headlight Kit. Bad Boy Part # 086-0010-00 or 086001000

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30hp Kohler Oil Pressure switch - Bad Boy Part # 015-0037-00 Rocker Deck Lift Switch - Fits All Models After 2009 Outlaw Control Panel with Actuator Rocker Switch - Bad Boy Part# 079-3350-00
30hp Kohler Oil Pressure switch. Bad Boy Part # 015-0037-00 or 015003700 Rocker Deck Lift Switch. Fits all Bad Boy mowers after 2009. Bad Boy Part # 078-3000-00 or 078-3000-00.

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Joystick Deck Lift 078-8077-00 Bad Boy PTO Engager Switch for Blades fits all Models 12 Volt Auxiliary Plug
PTO Switch / 056-8058-00
Our Price: $23.99
Toggle switch deck lift. Fits Pup, Lightning and all Bad Boy mowers before 2009. Bad Boy Part # 078-8077-00 or 078807700. PTO Engager-Switch for Blades. Fits all Bad Boy mowers. Bad Boy Part# 056-8058-00 or 056805800. 12-Volt Auxiliary Plug. Bad Boy Part# 077-2075-00 or 077207500.
Oil Pressure Switch-841281 - Bad Boy Part # 015-0168-00 Universal Throttle Head - 2012 Bad Boy Seat Safety Switch
Oil Pressure Switch-841281. Bad Boy Part # 015-0168-00 or 015016800 Universal Throttle Head - 2012. Bad Boy Part# 055-2012-00 or 055201200. Seat Safety Switch. Bad Boy Part# 071-8061-00 or 071806100
Bad Boy Ignition Switch Momentary Start Switch - Bad Boy Part # 077-6000-00 2014 Magnum Seat Switch - Bad Boy Part# 071-8062-00
Ignition Switch. Fits all Bad Boy mowers. Bad Boy Part # 077-8076-00 or 077807600. Momentary Start Switch Bad Boy Part# 077-6000-00 or 077600000.

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Magnet-Steering Arm-Stand ON - Bad Boy Part # 077-1000-00 Seat Switch Adaptor Pup Bad Boy Safety Switch
Magnet-Steering Arm-Stand ON. Bad Boy Part# 077-1000-00 or 077100000. Seat Switch Adaptor - Pup. Bad Boy Part# 036-5300-00 or 036530000. Safety Switch. Bad Boy Part# 077-8073-00 or 077807300.
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